yuehui Tang

yuehui Tang

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First Name * yuehui
Last Name * Tang
Username * sztyh
Country * China
City Shenzhen
Nationality China
Languages Chinese


Current Position Artist
Areas of Expertise Digital PaintingPrinting
Preferred Tools PhotoshopPainterIllustrator


Website www.cgtnt.com


For ideal but draw
唐月辉(Tang Yuehui)
1974 Born in Mulan city, Heilongjiang Province
1995 Study in Art College of Harbin Teacher's University, Major in oil painting
1999 Graduate from Harbin Teacher's University art department. When at school, the reprehensive artworks are which have won several prizes in Harbin province
2003 win the second price of National CDV Wacom Art show
2005 win the prize of the Excellent Single Piece in the First Chinese CG International Show
2006 win the gold price of Shenzhen First CG Show
2006 Personal collection is published
2007 win the Nomination Price in the AACC Asian CG Competition


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